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– How can I subscribe with a RSS reader?.
– How can I subscribe though email?.
– How can I finalise my subscription?.

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 How can I subscribe with a RSS reader?

 Our subscription system works with a feedburner system. In the menu, please select “subscribirse con el lector”. A feedburner window will automatically open when using the most popular browsers.  If yours is already in the list, you need only to select it and our blog will be automatically added in your RSS news reader after you confirm the selection.

 If your preferred reader is not found, the easiest alternative is cut and paste the URL address in your RSS reader adding an entrance (or with the following text   http://feeds2.feedburner.com/E-CriteriumNews )

 If you prefer, the system will also offer an email subscription during the process as if you would have selected it in the principal menu.

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How can I subscribe though email?

 Go to the menu and select “Suscribirse por email”, a feedburner form will be displayed requesting an email address and to write a code, as usually requested in other internet forms to prevent spam.

 Once the form is sent and the request accepted, the system will send a message to the email address. You should check your email and look for it sent from “Feedburner Email Subscriptions” and “suscripción al blog” as a topic. You will find the link that must be followed to finalise the subscription process. That avoids undesired subscriptions or fake or false email addresses.

 The system will display a window confirming the finalisation of the subscription.

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How can I finalise my subscription?

 From a RSS reader you should eliminate the entry in your reader program that reads the news in the blog.

If you are using an email subscription, follow the link you will find in any message to cancel your subscription.

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